PTLX Global™ specializes exclusively in Heavy- Industry LED lighting solutions, so we know how to bring the best of its technology to heavy-duty applications.

We offer the best LED solutions available for heavy industry, covering applications from 145 foot High masts, to lighting 50 acre Industrial yards, lighting engine rooms and Marine vessels, to building custom Paving arms applications for Construction companies.

PTLX Global™ understands how lighting impacts your operation’s efficient use of capital-intensive assets. We develop solutions that help your operation address a cross section of measurable objectives.



The heart of PTLX Global™ is to use our lighting systems to provide sustainable and efficient solutions for our customers; and to optimize your working environment by finding ways where we can use our systems to improve safety, while increasing productivity, and at the same time minimizing inefficiencies and waste.

From the time our customers try our lights, we are involved in working with the operator(s) to ensure it meets their needs and requirements. We are constantly developing ways to maximize our lighting systems potential to meet the needs of the operators. We believe that no one product, regardless of its benefit, is the perfect solution. The perfect solution is what our customers tell us it is.

PTLX Global™ is veteran owned and operated.


The PTLX™ Difference

We are a metrics driven company, and that means we are focused on how our systems improves your outcomes. Our systems are designed to factor for five measurable criteria:

1. Safety – our lights reduce operator ocular fatigue, while improving their visibility.

2. Maintenance – we warranty our lights for 36 months, with a follow on parts replacement service for an additional 24 months.

3. Performance – our lights provide more than double the lumen performance of current HID light systems and many competitor LED systems.

4. Efficiency – depending on what lights we’re replacing our systems range from 50 – 85% more efficient.

5. Environment – we provide for all our lights to be returned back to us at the end of their useful life, meaning no waste or disposal related costs or processes.

We are a company that evaluates our lighting systems in terms of systemic performance. We always search to develop solutions that solve a number of issues, not just one, such as “more light”. We take feedback and customer inputs very seriously in the development of our systems. The strengths of our current products are outcomes of original designs, in tortuous environments, with ongoing feedback.

The best customers of PTLX Global not only want to improve efficiency, reduce cost and expenses but are ultimately focused on improving their site’s overall operating record. We aim high in the development of our products, and we expect that our systems will have a measurable impact on your site’s operating performance. If you are focused on long term, guaranteed performance with a company who wants and cares about what you think of its products, then get started with us.