With years of Mining and Marine application experience, managing for heavy vibration, water ingress and environmental elements we have proved to be an outstanding option for Bulk - Container -Material Handling Port applications.  Developing our proprietary custom driver technology in our newest ballistic grade fixtures, the JUGGERNAUT and COLOSSUS, produce an unmatched illumination capability.  These fixtures will reduce existing fixture count by half, making installation, wiring and setup much more cost efficient.  Ideal for Rubber Tire Gantry Crane and Ship-to-Shore Crane applications.

*For High Mast installations we can reduce a (12) Fixture High Mast down to (8) using (4) Juggernaut and (4) PX64's.  Ask us how.

At 145 feet, even our PX64 has been used to reduce a Gantry Cranes light footprint from 6 – 1000W HPS fixtures to 4 – PX64’s. Our PX64 can deliver more lux/ foot-candles than any other LED flood fixture in the 300-watt range class.  PX64 is also ideal for Mobile Harbor Crane applications.  Having much experience in Marine Construction and Dredging applications the PX64's durability and performance is an outstanding solution.