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WIDE LITE / Mast Light Replacement LED fixtures.  Measured to ensure light performance exceeds both 1000W and 1500W HPS and Metal Halide Wide Lite fixtures.  

We offer both HPS and Metal Halide color options and have outfitted over twenty Bering Sea fishing vessels in the past 3 years.

TITAN 540 LED MAST Luminaire.  Designed to replace the traditional Wide Lite 1000W  High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide fixtures, the Titan 540 is almost half the wattage with 15-20% more output than a traditional Wide Light at 65,000 lumen.  There is currently no fixture offered today that outperforms the output of the Titan 540..... almost twice the output of our PX64.

HPS replacement is 2700K LED Fixture

Custom 1/4", 5083 Marine aluminum bracket with or without standard 3.0" OD slip fitter 

Optional custom Aluminum Bird Guard available - bolts right to the front of the fixture


Check out our newest and more powerful Mast Light replacement fixtures:

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We continue to bring the highest lumen per watt LED Lighting fixtures to Marine and Maritime vessel applications, period.  As every manufacturer's fixtures will illuminate differently that is why we work with our customers to ensure the fixture is ideal for the location, orientation and requirements (output), for every install.  Many traditional Mast and Deck lights are not designed for Marine environments.  Our fixtures are tooled with ABS approved cabling and cord grip, and we use Marine 5200 in our terminal block to ensure ingress integrity.  

All of our fixtures are tried and tested through a complete water submersion process.  

Our fixtures have been installed on: Charters, Emergency, Workboats/ Tugs and Barges, Trawlers, Processors, Longliners, Ferry’s, Dredges, and Container ships.

PX Series - Performance Series Industrial LED - IP68

PX64 ~ 750W HPS or 750W Metal Halide (90-277VAC Input)
PX18 ~ 400W HPS or 400W Metal Halide (90-277VAC Input)





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