Safe System - Anti-Glare Technology 


We are proud to partner with Granite Construction, one of the Nation's largest infrastructure providers, in producing this Paver lighting system.  We worked directly with Operators and Maintenance teams to design and produce an adjustable/scalable unit to deliver the highest quality illumination.  We've developed the next step in the evolution of construction lighting for Pavers, to make night operations safer for Operators and Motorists.  Where light balloons can be expensive and are prone to maintenance problems with inclement weather, our light system is designed to illuminate around the Paver at higher light levels while still maintaining safe, glare-free illumination.  PTLX Global has applied the latest in Remote Phosphor Technology which produces the most even light distribution, and higher color rendering providing Operators better visibility to the line and behind the Screed.

Lighting also available for Shuttle-Buggy/ Dumpster applications


  • (2) Custom Powder Coated, Fully Adjustable, 6061 Aluminum front arms* 
  • (2) Custom Powder Coated, Adjustable, 6061 Aluminum rear arms*
  • (6) 110W ~12,000 lumens - Remote Phosphor Light Fixtures
    • Smaller (4) system set available
  • Every Galaxy Light System comes complete with wiring installed - only the hookups to the generator are required after delivery
  • Instant on, every time - no restrike 
  • No Maintenance
  • -40°C to 50°C ambient temperature
  • Excellent uniformity light distribution
  • High CRI for excellent visual clarity
  • Up to 30% higher system efficacy compared to conventional LEDs
  • High capacity surge 10KV/10KA
  • Longer lifetime
  • IP66 
  • Universal AC input/full range, 120~277 VAC
  • No mercury, hazardous substances
  • Made in USA 

Every Paver System is tailor-made with custom powder-coating to match the ordering company's colors, name, and logo.

*Meets Maximum DOT height specifications.

In the end and after delivery, PTLX will typically do an evening site inspection of the system and with Operators to ensure lighting commitments are met.  Because we specialize as a Company in Industrial lighting we always have additional equipment fixtures to accommodate for special lighting requests at the time of the visit.