Flat-Panel, Commercial/Industrial Lighting


Since 1939, RCA has brought us many firsts: the world's first radio broadcast, the first black and white television, the first color television, the first video casette recorder, and the first MP3 player.  It is easy to see why they are still the most trusted name in electronics.  PTLX Global has recently added some of their latest products to our inventory in order to provide our customers with the best quality troffer lighting available.  These LED Flat Panel fixtures are UL listed, DLC qualified, and made in the USA.  The combination of having the most low-profile, glare free, and perfect color temperature ensure that lighting in the room is the last thing you think about.  Check out the Spec Sheet below to see how they can help reduce your lighting bill by up to 70%.

Specs: Download RCA Troffer Spec Sheet

RCA Troffer Spec Sheet.jpg

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