Visualize the Safety & Efficiency of a New LED Solution

Maritime LED Build Guide Reveals

How to Design the Smartest Lighting Solution for Your Vessel

Ready to equip your vessel with LED lighting, but unsure which lights to choose?

Our new Maritime LED Build Guide is designed specifically to help you make those choices. Figuring out which new LED lights are the right ones for your vessel and application can be time-consuming. Many captains can't spare the time to learn this new technology and compare all their options. But PTLX’s Maritime LED Build Guide keeps it simple and gives you a solid place to start.

PTLX-Global-Build-Ebook-Icon.pngIn this unique guide, you’ll find:

  • 3 standard vessel layouts based on size and type
  • Recommended positions where new LED fixtures should be placed for each layout based on your vessel's size
  • Specific light fixture recommendations for each position and type of vessel, based on our extensive research and experience

But that’s not all …

The new Maritime LED Build Guide also gives you a:

  • Beam Pattern Chart showing the recommended beam angles for each lighting position
  • Bulb Color Chart showing recommended color choices for each position
  • A representation of what each color looks like so you can easily distinguish among them!

The Maritime LED Build Guide shows a full configuration of LED lighting choices you can use to equip your vessel. This ready-made solution clarifies your options saving you the time you need for other important priorities — after all, a captain's work is never done.

If you’re looking to add safer, more efficient LED lighting to your vessel, our Maritime LED Build Guide is the perfect place to start!

Download the Maritime LED Build Guide now!