PX64 and PX64HO   Industrial Flood Light

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Maritime LED Light Guide for Placement

PX64 and PX64HO   Industrial Flood Light

PX 64 and PX64HO (1000W Metal Halide replacement)

The PX64 Flood Light offers an unparalleled level of illumination and durability. Designed for areas and environments requiring significant area lighting, the PX 64 and our new PX64HO offers over 34,000 and ~40,000 effective lumen respectively, with a custom, state-of-the-art driver. It is an unprecedented Flood light for Industrial applications; using the latest in LED and power management technology. Compare the PX64 to any other very high powered, Heavy-Duty Industrial LED Flood light on the market.


  • 310W  and  (360W - HO Version available) 
  • 90-277VAC (with 347/480 VAC capability) custom integrated universally adaptable driver
  • Extra large heat sink for hotter ambient environments and to withstand Industrial debris and conditions
  • 5.5mm Stainless Steel Bracket with 8mm stainless bolts
  • IP68
  • Cree XML-2 Diodes (  www.cree.com/LED-Components-and-Modules/Products/XLamp/Discrete-Directional/XLamp-XML2 )
  • Weight 44lbs
  • Slip fitter bracket available upon request

Industrial Applications include:

  • Steel Mills 
  • Smelters
  • Rail Yards
  • Cranes/Booms/ Masts - Port applications
  • Marine Vessels
  • Draglines
  • Heavy Equipment / Shovels
  • Industrial Area Lighting
  • Security Lighting


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