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Titan 650 - LED MAST Light Fixture

Titan 650 Flat Bracket
  • 650W - ~80,000lm.
  • Available in Cool White (5000K), Neutral White (4000K), and Warm White (2700K, current HPS color).
  • No warm up time, instant on.
  • Zero re-strike issues.
  • Optional Heavy-Duty Aluminum Bird guard.
  • 28.5"W x 23.75"H x 3"D - 52lbs - w/o Custom Bracket.
  • 30"W x 28.75"H x 6"D - 65lbs - w/ Custom Bracket.

Titan 650 - LED MAST Light Fixture

Download Titan 650 Spec Sheet


The LED Conversion for +1,500W Traditional Fixtures

Building on our Titan series, the Titan 650 is our newest stock, high power, flood luminaire.  The Titan 650 is the answer for replacing traditional 1,500W fixtures.  A one-for-one swap gives you increased visibility, 'instant on' capabilities, and a safer operating environment.  This IP68, fully anodized fixture will over-deliver to meet the lighting needs of your workplace/operation.  The appropriate color, at the correct mounting location, will reduce any glare issues while only using a fraction of the power.



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