Short lifespans of traditional halogen and HID fixtures contribute to another escalating and important issue: more environmental waste.

There are typically two serious shortcomings of traditional lighting fixtures as it specifically relates to the environment.

  1. FIXTURE DURABILITY . . . shorter lifespan . . . more waste
  2. FIXTURE COMPOSITION & off gassing

Fixture Durability, longevity, waste

So one of the big questions we are often asked is?

What if a part or parts of the fixture become damaged …. Do you have replacement parts?

Our lights are completely modular, meaning if one or more parts are damaged from operations we can take apart the unit, make the necessary replacements, reseal it and send it back out into operation. Despite our best efforts to provide fixtures that are as impervious to all elements, things happen and we have an efficient and cost-effective way of managing any issues. It also means there is very little extra parts inventory to maintain; as we can ship a new unit within 48 – 72 hours.

In addition, if any significant damage comes to the chassis, bracket or bezel these are all completely recyclable. And outside of warranty, PTLX™ will help pay for the proper recycling of its fixtures chassis, bezel and bracket. Contact PTLX™ for more details.

In the context of heavy-duty lighting applications (on heavy equipment) lights suffer unique and potentially catastrophic conditions such as shake, vibration, dust, temperature variances, humidity, moisture, voltage or current fluctuations. In fairness, even the best Halogen or HID light is not going to last very long by virtue of its bulb and ballast design. Depending on placement and machine application we’ve seen whole fixtures fail in only a few days, and these types of unplanned failures are the most expensive, both in terms of hard dollars and on the environment.

Continuing this endless cycle of buying – replacing – recycling/scrapping lights should no longer be viewed as a ‘cost of doing business’ rather its impact is systemic; affecting a number of different departments from Purchasing to Maintenance, Operators to Production Supervisors.

Fixture Composition and ‘off-gassing’

In the context of mining and ore production the relative affect of light fixture composition and off gassing, typically in the form of UV radiation, is extremely negligible. Although there is a distinct environmental composition contrast between LED fixtures and most types of traditional fixtures (incandescent, fluorescent, HID) unit to unit, apples to apples. Almost universally, there are special and expensive disposal requirements for managing the disposal of traditional fixtures, and this is not the case with LED fixtures.

Even in situations when there is not the stringent compliance to the lights proper disposal, lights will often be thrown-away and buried within the mine site left to leak their hazardous materials into the ground. This does not help to advance industries positive contributions, especially in the face of balancing resources and subsequent scrutiny.

We can completely eliminate the extra steps of having to manage for traditional light disposal and costly removal.