Heavy Duty LED Lighting

Our Customers are Heavy Industry
For: Mining, Marine, Ports, Shipping, Tunneling, Quarrying, Military and Heavy Construction applications.

Our Industrial LED Lighting fixtures are designed for Heavy Industry, not for off-road or long haul applications and then modified for heavier-duty environments.

In today’s energy environment LED lighting is the answer.

But ‘Commercial type’ LED fixtures are not designed for the harsh requirements of Heavy-Industry, even though they try…

Built for Heavy Industry, LED Fixtures by PTLX will provide the Best Performing, Most Durable, and Reliable LED Flood Lighting system available, offering an almost immediate ROI, contributing to a safer and more productive operation.



We build and provide many of our Industrial customers, from both Mining and Marine verticals, with lower CCT color option LED fixtures to minimize glare impact on operators over long and consecutive shift work.  

In every application where we are directly involved, our emphasis is understanding the working environment (water, heat, cold, dust etc), application scope (illumination area, type of operation) and customer need or desire (more light, more directed light, less glare) to ensure we're suggesting the best options for the application.  We make it right with every opportunity we can.