Halogen and HID lights are not particularly efficient, durable or reliable, and with fuel costs and operating expenses under greater management, the need for enduring and efficient solutions are critical.

These inefficiencies put an undue burden on time, resources and labor all adding to increased production costs. Very little consideration, in fact, is given to the costs associated in replacing lighting fixtures because to date lighting has been a commodity of use and throw away, and there has been little calculation into its systemic cost. LED lighting is superior to Halogen and HID in every way: more efficient (60-85% more)

  • Far less amperage draw, reduced load on electrical system
  • More durable (can last 3-10 times longer)
  • Environmentally – no mercury or UV radiation (CO2 reduction)
  • Instant on (no warm up or re-strike issues)
  • Offers better visibility in darker environments

Compared to these conventional lighting methods, lights by PTLX Global™ deliver as much as three times the light output, while using considerably less energy.