Maintenance is a critical element in the operational efficiency of machine and equipment and ultimately why there are Maintenance Control Systems and Machine Total Clinics to properly manage these value-added services. These programs are designed to lower costs through prevention of equipment malfunction and associated downtime. At PTLX we are committed to pursuing the very same downtime reduction and performance capability from the very same equipment, and have done so successfully across Mining, Marine, Construction and Military applications.

Question: (besides the obvious and universal requirement for lights) does changing lights constitute a value added activity if the effort made does not even improve the original outcome? No one wants to continually spend dollars on activities (changing lights) that produce no real net benefit when that time can be reallocated to more productive efforts, and when there are far more cost effective and efficient lighting solutions available? Even as part of a regular PM schedule, if time can be freed away from replacing fixtures and bulbs to more important efforts. . . why not?

PTLX looks at waste as a concern. It’s expensive and underscores inefficiency. We welcome the opportunity to work with any organization to find ways to improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase profitability.