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Titan 150/120 - LED Deck Light Fixtures

    Exceeding Expectations

    The Most Reliable Marine LED Deck Light

    The Titan 150 and 120 LED Deck Lighting Fixtures have established themselves with trust, reliability, and illumination in all Marine applications.  In a world where industrial LED fixtures are tested to the limit, most lights fail within one or two seasons due to water ingress or burnout from driver overdrive.   The Titan series is one of the most advanced in industrial and marine LED technology, and far outperforms its waterproofing ratings to provide the brightest and most even light distribution from any other fixture in its class.

    • IP68
    • Anodized Alumium Chassis with integrated Driver
    • 20°, 40°, 60°, 90°, and 120° Beam patterns.
    • Available in:
      • Cool White (5000K)
      • Neutral White (4000K)*
      • Warm White (HPS color) (2700K)
    • Custom 316 Stainless Steel mounting bracket hole pattern matches traditional Aqua Signal bracket
    • Electronic Thermal Management
    • EMI Filtration
    • Under/Over Voltage Protection
    • Transient Voltage Suppression

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    Titan 120

    All Weather Marine Lighting

    The Titan 120 is built to withstand the rigors of the marine environment.  It is equipped with the finest Bredgelux C.O.B. that provides the most efficient lighting source in its class.  Whether you are in the rain, sleet, and snow of the Bering Sea, or settled into the harbor, the Titan 120 will light every workspace without fail.

    Featured: Warm White (2700K) and Cool White (5000K)

    Titan 150

    Ultra Marine Illumination

    For extra large decks or work areas that demand high levels of light, the Titan 150 is the fixture to have.  Serving as the big brother to the 120, it has every bit the durability and dependability you need.  The custom bracket is built to match perfectly existing Aqua Signal hole patterns.  This light is quickly installed and will provide all the light you need to work safely.  In an environment where so much can go wrong, the Titan 150 will be the fixture you can count on. 


    Maritime Lighting Placement Solutions

    Underwater test in Salmon Bay
    Titan 120 - 14.5"x13"x3"    18lbs w/ Bracket
    Titan 150 - 18.5"x13"x3"   21lbs w/ Bracket


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    • Fixture (120 or 150)
    • Quantity
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    • Beam Pattern

    *Special Order Unit


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