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PX 16 Quadra - Heavy Duty LED Light




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PX 16 Quadra - Heavy Duty LED Light

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Quadra - Heavy Industrial Floodlight

Our most efficient heavy duty LED light fixture to date.  Outfitted with the markets highest performing CREE diode, the XHP70, (the best among industrial and marine LED technology) the PX16 Quadra yields an unprecedented 125 effective lumen per watt.  This LED equipment fixture is a favorite among Tug & Barge, Heavy Equipment Machinery, and Off Road/Overland enthusiasts.  Click the link below for ordering information.


Effective Light Output: ~9,000 Lumen at 70W

4 Cree XHP70 LED diodes

Operating range 9-48VDC

Lens Material: Lexan 

IP 68 

Deutsch DT connectors 

5.5mm Stainless Steel Bracket

Glare free illumination available for DOT and Transportation Industry applications.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA using U.S. and imported parts

IES file available upon request


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