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Powerful LED Light Fixture, The Colossus - PTLX Global

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  • IP68
  • Electronic Thermal Management 
  • EMI Filtration
  • Under / Over Voltage Protection
  • Transient Voltage Protection

Optics:  20°, 40°, 70°

Marine/ Maritime Applications inludes:

  • 1000W - 1500W Metal Halide and HPS (Wide Light) Mast Lighting 
  • Deck Lighting 

Industrial Applications includes:

  • Steel Mills 
  • Smelters
  • Rail Yards
  • Cranes/Booms/ Masts - Port applications
  • Draglines
  • Heavy Equipment / Shovels
  • Industrial Area Lighting
  • Security Lighting Maritime LED Light Guide for Placement

Powerful LED Light Fixture, The Colossus - PTLX Global

Download Colossus Specification Sheet

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The Colossus, with two performance packages, lives up to its name in both power and performance in the industrial LED lighting space.  With both 600W and 750W options, this fixture delivers over 110 lumens per watt.  Crafted from solid aluminum, the Colossus is the most impressive Heavy-Industrial flood LED light fixture manufactured today.  This fixture brings an IP68 rating for marine LED lighting applications and is on the cutting edge of Industrial LED technology.

Light Source:  (36) Cree XHP-70 Diodes (Best performing diode manufactured today)

600W: ~66,000 lumens.  90-277VAC with integrated wiring terminal.

750W: ~82,500 lumens.  90-277VAC with integrated wiring terminal.

Construction:  Milled Aluminum - Type II Anodized - Copper free.  Dual eye bolts for safety cable.

Mounting Bracket:  3/16” SS with 7 fixed angle positions at 10° increments

Optional 3/8” 6061 T6 aluminum; 3” ID slip fitter bracket available

Digital Wireless Monitoring and Controls available

Power Connection:  Integrated Waterproof Junction Box for field direct install

Ambient Operating Temperature:  -45° to 70°C  (glass lens)

IES File:  Call PTLX Global at 800.397.7859


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