About us

Since 2011 we have been developing, manufacturing, and wholesale Heavy duty Lighting for austere and difficult operating environments and their applications.  We have seen and done a lot of various lighting projects, including Facility, Area, Equipment and Mobile light applications.  We have also custom made many applications to meet customers specific and unique requirements/ applications.
That said, we pride ourselves on following 6 principles of conduct:

Customer-centricity   We always put the customer first and strive to understand their unique needs to deliver tailored solutions.
Innovation                    We embrace new ideas, take smart risks, and constantly look for customer desired solutions.
Transparency               We operate with honesty, integrity and high ethical standards in all our dealings.  
Collaboration               We create partnerships with our customers to find the best solution(s) to their on-going lighting challenges. 
Excellence                     We relentlessly pursue quality, efficiency and continuous improvement in everything we do in order to improve the outcomes for our                                            customers.
Accountability             We take ownership of our work and honor our commitments. 

If you have any questions, queries or comments please feel free to call or email us directly at sales@ptlxglobal.com or 800-397-7859, and if asked, please leave a message - we do return calls quickly.