PX 18 Industrial Floodlight


400W Metal Halide replacementThe PX 18 Industrial Floodlight was specifically designed for replacement of 400W HID fixtures. Unlike any other line voltage fixture in its class, the PX18 is built with a custom designed, state-of-the-art internal driver achieving exceptional performance and efficiency characteristics. With @ 12,000 effective lumen, the PX18 has outperformed many competitor fixtures boasting 16,000 -18,000 lumen and has the latest in industrial and marine led technology.

- 110W

- 90-277VAC (with 347/480 VAC capability) custom integrated universally adaptable driver

- Extra large heat sink for hotter ambient environments and to withstand Industrial debris and conditions

- 5.5mm Stainless Steel Bracket

- Cree XML-2 Diodes (  www.cree.com/LED-Components-and-Modules/Products/XLamp/Discrete-Directional/XLamp-XML2 )

- IP68

- Weight 18lbs

- Slip fitter bracket available upon request in both 90° and 45° options

Industrial Yards / Area Lighting

Maintenance Facilities

Heavy Equipment / Shovels

Marine Vessels

Dams / Spillways

Security Lighting

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