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    October 2016 Newsletter



    Providing your company LED Lighting Solutions is our passion.  In order to improve our services, we have brought on three brand new units that are sure get your attention.  Plus, one of our most popular fixtures has been improved to provide you with more options!  We can't wait to show you our latest developments in this month's newsletter!

    But first....

    Come See PTLX Global at Pacific Marine Expo....

    We will be attending Pacific Marine Expo to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and we invite you to join us. We're located in booth 1221 with PFI Marine. The Pacific Marine Expo will be held on November 17th-19th. Learn more about the expo by following this link

    ....and the SEMA Show!

    Imagine building the strongest and most durable Industrial LED lights for a huge CAT 797 Hauler, and then mounting them on a Toyota Land Cruiser.  Overkill?  No way.  We've outfitted two vehicles with our Industrial Lights and are taking them to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas!  If you happen to be at the SEMA Show, come see us at booth number 51401, Nov 1 - Nov 4.


    And now, the main event...

    The Hydra Series gets a Makeover

    The Hydra Series has been getting a lot of well-deserved attention since we released it a couple of months ago.  Being waterproof as IP69K, our Marine customers have been adding them to their commercial fishing boats by the dozens.  Their high-output and low profile lends itself to shelter decks, side rails, fish-holds, and sorting tables.

    We have now brought on new colors that our Seattle customers absolutely love.  Get ready to see these all over the city!  Don't be fooled by thinking these colors make a huge sacrifice in lumens.  We literally said, "Wow!" the first time we saw them light up a room.  They are bright!


    Go to the website to check them out.  Ordering information is already posted!

    Introducing: The PX16

    The PX12 is the DC workhorse of our product line.  It is so popular with Mining/ Heavy Equipment, Tug & Barge, and Off-road vehicles that we decided to go back to the drawing board to make it even better.  The result?  The PX16.  With the exact same 70 watts as the PX12, the PX16 delivers a whopping 1,800 more lumens!  What's even better is that the PX16 is only a few dollars more than the PX12.  That means more light for fewer $$$!




    Check the website soon for specs and ordering information!


    Introducing: The COLOSSUS

    We build huge, tough LED lights and as such, have taken Military Grade LED to the next level.  We are finishing development on a brand new, 600W, 72,000 (effective) lumens, behemoth of a flood light fixture. Appropriately named, "The Colossus", this fixture is stronger and brighter than anything we have done before, and will be the market's most powerful flood fixture in its wattage class.  The Commercial Fishing industry is going to eat this up, and the Industrial guys are going to be able to create Stadium Style lighting in their work yards.  It will also change the lighting paradigm for Crane applications. This means a drastic reduction in the use of mobile Light towers and associated refueling and maintenance isses.

    You can check the website next month for the details about The Colossus, AND you can come see it in person at the Pacific Marine Expo mentioned above, Nov 17-19.

    ...... stay tuned for the Juggernaut

    Check the website soon for specs and ordering information!


    Surplus Inventory

    From time-to-time we have surplus inventory of fixtures from PX12's to Maintenance Bay lights.  Right now is one of those times.  If you have a project and are looking for Industrial type LED fixtures send us an email, or give us a call and take advantage of some great discounts.

    Special: we have (5) 80°, 112W Ceiling mount luminaires that would work ideally for a maintenance shop or building with 30-35' ceilings.  They are a fantastic fixture (made in the USA) and we have (5) left.  


    We hope you enjoyed this edition of our newsletter. And remember, whenever you've got a question about LED lighting, give us a ring. We're here to help you.


    Best Regards,
    Erron Boes




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