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Keeping up with PTLX

PTLX_1.jpgNew Products

  • Some of our newest products include the MX unit (pictured right). It is a low profile LED linear fixture designed for Marine applications to fit for small spaces such as under shelter decks, engine rooms, fish holds etc on Marine and Fishing vessels.  It is very bright and we are able to modify the inner tray to accommodate for other color configurations, such as Red, Amber, Green or Blue.
  • The Titan 540 unit is a very powerful LED Flood light fixture used to replace an equally sized Mast light (Wide Light) on commercial fishing vessels.  We offer it in primarily in an HPS color version (2700K) with an option for bright white (5000K) for those who prefer the cooler color temperature.  We also offer an optional bird guard to protect the front of the fixture from incidental strikes.  It is the only LED light of its size and class being introduced into the marine space as of now.  Call us or email me for size and specifications.
  • We also have our new Titan 150 and Titan 120 Marine Deck lights. These are used mainly on fishing vessels to provide deck lighting for the fisherman. They can also be used on docks or any other space that requires solid water resistance, in an IP68 rating. We manufacture the brackets specifically in 316 stainless steel designed with hole patterns to fit existing Aqua Signal Halogen fixtures. As you can see below, it even works underwater!


New Installs/Customers

  • The city of Seattle is using one of our MX units to light a walkway under a bridge in the Fremont area.
  • One of our largest Rep firms had specified our fixture for a Cruise Ship terminal in Alabama, so our PX64 has undergone a custom paint job from black to light gray for esthetic purposes to meet the required specification. Take a look at the difference below.
  • amber_light.jpgOne of our large engineering customers is looking at using our MX unit in an Amber color to light a bridge/pier in Chile.  They need amber because of its lower impact on the local sea turtles and this UL amber light is perfect at 560nm.(Pictured right)
  • Granite Construction commissioned us again to build their third lighting solution for their newest CAT paver.  This set-up has reduced their wattage usage from over 4000W's to 660W, over an 80% reduction in power. The light fixtures are tailored to this application, using a glare free LED technology to ensure safety and visibility amongst oncoming motorists as they drive past the paving operation and operators.  All bars are custom made and designed to meet DOT height specifications. View these lights below!


Recently Published Articles

LED Drive Current: "It's Physics - Not Magic"

Not_Magic.pngOver-driving LED fixtures is something we see all too often from manufacturers in their heavy-industry LED lighting products. The reason they do this is to increase the luminaire output without increasing the price. On paper that seems great, but the outcome leads to premature repairs and replacements, which in the end means higher cost and safety risks for you! Learn more by viewing our article.


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