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    January 2017 Newsletter

                                                        Greetings,   We never stop improving at PTLX Global.  We have had some incredible developments over the past few months, and we feel that you will false

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    September 2016 Newsletter

                                                        Greetings, Lighting is critical to the safety and efficiency of your ship. To help you pick the best lighting for your vessel, we've created a new false

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    The 14 Benefits of LED Lighting for Today's Maritime Captain

    Why LED? Just ask the United States Navy. In 2012, the Department of Energy published a thorough report of their exhaustive research on LED lighting. Their efforts looked across the entire lifecycle false

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    July 2016 Newsletter

                                                        Greetings, Welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletter. We are very excited to start this newsletter — you'll find it's filled with false

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    LED Drive Current:   "It's Physics - Not Magic"

    This is a Post republished with permission from Jim Dilbeck, GM of Cireon.  Cireon is our manufacturer of choice for our commercial lighting applications -  where our customer asks us for a lighting false

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    Welcome to the PTLX Global blog, where we write to educate, assist, suggest and recommend on lighting for Heavy Industry applications. We'll bring the latest and greatest in the industry as well as saftey tips and LED lighting devices you can use on your site or within your operation. Subscribe to updates by submitting your email address in the form below.  No worries - we'll never bother you.

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